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'Stills – Carol Anne'
Installation shot, The British School at Rome, 2009

Stills (Carol Anne) is an installation of 24 paintings and an animated high definition video composed of these 24 paintings as frames within one second. The installation portrays a complete rotation around the figure in two different media. The illusion of movement created by the animation imbues the paintings with a sculptural quality that generates a spatial depth. It is a space of perpetual motion that vanishes when the movement stops. The difference between the animated video and the installation of paintings is similar to the contrast between a flat map of the world and a globe. Certain elements are lost in translation so that other aspects can be distinguished with greater clarity. The linear display of the paintings actually inverts the inward gaze, transposing the depicted reality into a panoramic frieze. The piece highlights the impossibility of an overall view. It is primarily concerned with distortions and failure inherent in the mechanics of representation and the attempt to reconcile the discrepancies with a perceived reality. It encompasses painting, drawing, video, photography, sculpture and virtual reality either explicitly through an employment of these media or by association.